Lamp is an abbreviation for the software solution stack , and stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Linux being the operating system
Apache being the Web Server
My SQL is the Database which holds the data
PHP is the Scripting Language

Everything on this system is 100% free to use, as it is open source. However there are differences in the solution stack, such as WAMP & MAMP (windows/mac/ apache mysql and php) Which are mostly open source, but the operating system is closed source, meaning that the whole solution stack is not 100% open source.

(MySql is owned by a 'for-profit' swedish firm, however much of the code base is copyrighted, but remains open source, this differs from software such as apache where the copyright is owned by the individual, and is a non-profit open source software solution)

This solution stack would be suitable for company to create a entirely free and open source websites and servers, whereas they could
choose to use the windows or mac operating system, with the closed source web servers or database programs, using solution like the .NET framework (closed source)

The .NET framework, is the close source system when it comes to scripting, offering many pre-built bits of code, and developers to use, enabling people who are not as confident with the framework to create a good database. However if you use the .NET framework, you must compile with a closed source compiler.

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