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Open source violation

Microsoft claims that free open source software violates 235 Microsoft patents.
A patent protects new inventions which cover how things work, this gives the owner the rights to prevent others from making, using, importing or selling the invention without permission.
Microsoft licensing Chief Horacio Gutierrez claimed Linux violates 42 Microsoft patents, Linux graphical user interfaces violates 65 patents, Open Office violates 45, various free/open e-mail programs violates 15, and other open-source software applications violate 68 Microsoft patents. Gutierrez said, "This is not a case of some accidental, unknowing infringement. …There is an overwhelming number of patents being infringed".
Dan Ravicher found 283 patents, which 27 were owned by Microsoft could be a basis for Linux infringement lawsuits. Novell's licensing deal guaranteed that at least one Linux distribution was licensed so that there were no patent violations, and that Microsoft had to accept Linux is to stay.


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Open source violation by PrePre, 30 Jan 2008 14:54
Google Docs
JamesCopeJamesCope 29 Jan 2008 21:53
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Google Docs

Google Docs, is an online storage area, where a single document can be stored, without having the need for sending emails to one another, with different versions of the same file. This creates an easy to use workplace + team working is far easier. A video explaining the process is on youtube if anyone is interested [] You need to be a member of google, and can be signed up for free via this link:- Google Docs

Also the free word processing package from Google is known as 'Writely' , which is free, unlike the office, and has very similar characteristics, even the ability to save as a word file []


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Google Docs by JamesCopeJamesCope, 29 Jan 2008 21:53

i agree with james, i would personally use 'off the shelf' software rather than use an 'open source' for security reasons really.

as when using such softwares there is less linkly to be virus prone, less likely to have faults and most importantly if the software is not operating to its potencial it can be refunded or returned.

Re: Why not use open source? by NazimNazim, 28 Jan 2008 14:58

Responsible for the growth of the Internet?
It could be said that the increase of use and growth in popularity of Open Source materials, is one of the reasons for the rapid expansion if the Internet. The use of social networking and Web participation such as blogging, podcasts and online diaries have increased and by using “open source” materials that are freely available to download, and once a source code is verified then usable. It is now such commonplace to see on quality websites a blog option, and television programs seem to have an accompanying blog to complete the interactive experience. All celebrities now like to blog with their fans, as they know that using online services further promote them.

Open Source Initiative
The above non-profit corporation was created to educate and promote the correct use of open sourced materials. It provides standardisation across its online usage, and valuable communication between those who do and don’t advocate the use of it.


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Open Source by suzannehaslamsuzannehaslam, 25 Jan 2008 13:41

Thanks for the information Paula, we will try and add some more information on our pages, and include your info.


Re: Further Considerations by JamesCopeJamesCope, 23 Jan 2008 23:57

A few more choices from Groupware server to add to your wiki are Zimbra, Horde and Open-Xchange. Some of these products have a small licence fee but most have simple intuitive interfaces and therefore training can be at a mimimun.

Zimbra has an interface similar to Google Mail, offers email, calendars, contacts and wiki functionality and can be downloaded free.

Horde also offers email, contacts and calendars but also offers other functionality for managing projects including time recording. An advantage of Horde is that it is fully open source and therefore there is no licence fee. A disadvantage is installation is better done by an experienced software programmer/engineer as it is more complex than Zimbra.

Open-Xchange Again is fully open source so no licence fees but offers extra functionality for document management and project management including gantt charts. Althought the front page isn’t overly designed it is easy to use. There are 2 versions of Open-Xchange a supporting and an unsopported version. The later being more difficult to install.

The mission statement of is that they are ‘Dedicated to managing and promoting the Open Source trademark for the good of the community..’

Note Wikidot are releasing their own version of Open Source this month (January) Wikidot 2.0

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Further Considerations by Paula_TPaula_T, 23 Jan 2008 14:43

Hi Lauren, Personally, I feel as though many of the institutions,users & companies, use off the shelf software, such as Microsoft Windows & Office because of how common it is, and the majority of users are probably aware of how the software works. If they bought a package they had never used, or heard anything about, then they may struggle using the software, which could prevent them from doing whatever it is they want to do using the software.

Also, some packages which are open source such as the word processor 'KWord', have similar layouts and buttons to which many users would find in a word processor, like Microsoft word, which then create a similarity and probably create more interest to people who want to define their own style to their computer software.

Open source allows the user to have the option to choose whether or not they can edit the way their software looks and runs, whereas closed source packages can give the user the ability to have the additional customer services (albeit, usually at a charge) and better user awareness.

Re: Why not use open source? by JamesCopeJamesCope, 17 Jan 2008 17:52

Why do you think that a lot of academic instutions, businesses and home PC users rely mainly on software you have to pay for rather than free open source?
Is it because they genuinely believe that it is superior software or just apathy and it's too much trouble to actually go to the effort of looking for the programs and having to manually compile the source code of open source software and they just want a computer to do everything for them without them having to put any work in? After all, isn't it us who are meant to be telling the computer to do, not the other way around? And surely a system that you have more control over, that you can configure yourself is more appealing?


Why not use open source? by blaydblayd, 10 Jan 2008 16:35

Sorry about the late reply, but the style on here is just one of the preset styles available in the 'site manager:appearance section'. I think the theme is called "co". Thanks for your link.

Re: Site style by JamesCopeJamesCope, 12 Dec 2007 16:58
Site style
Cerys71Cerys71 27 Nov 2007 20:00
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Site style

Site is looking interesting, I particularly like the buttons on the side panel and the colour scheme. Have you styled them yourself? If you have I would be interested in a few tips!
Cerys Rowlands
Click here for my 'Breaching the Firewall' site

Site style by Cerys71Cerys71, 27 Nov 2007 20:00

Yeah looks like its working, great start to your wiki, looking good. :D

Re: Forum Working? by abwchiuabwchiu, 08 Nov 2007 16:54

Can anyone see this ? please let me know, would be nice :)

Forum Working? by JamesCopeJamesCope, 08 Nov 2007 16:49
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